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The Salon Hull Unisex Hairdresser Link to Meet out Team page
Image The Salon Hull Unisex Hairdresser Ladies and Mens Hairdresser in Hull
mage The Salon Hull Unisex Hairdresser Ladies and Mens Hairdresser in Hull
mage The Salon Hull Unisex Hairdresser Ladies and Mens Hairdresser in Hull
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"At The Salon in Hull, East Yorkshire, we offer unisex hairdressing services for men and women of all ages, we have set out to make our mark - not just for the highest professional standards for women's and mens hairdressing - but to maintain a reputation for friendly service, creativity and fair prices. Please call us to arrange your hairdressing appointment or send your booking request on-line. We are also stockists of quality hair products by Wella, Tangle Teezer and Bed Head TIGI."
Esther Chadburn 
Creative Director & Owner.
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The Salon -  where your hair is our passion.
Ladies and Mens Hairdresser in Hull
The Salon  UNISEX Hairdressing  58 Chanterlands Avenue,  Hull  HU5 3TT. Telephone 01482 342652
mage The Salon Hull Unisex Hairdresser Ladies and Mens Hairdresser in Hull
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